“I swear people from the community naturally gravitate towards Caroline’s studio all days of the week for holistic healing. The attendance is especially high on Sundays when she offers meditation sessions at a very low cost- encouraging new people to attend. A friend and I recently attended one of her meditation sessions; both of us left extremely relaxed and at peace, ready to take on the week ahead. The room was full of unique individuals who opened their ears and minds listening to the advice and lessons voiced by Caroline. Her studio at the moment is petite, offering a comforting and secluded environment- allowing participants to feel safe and at home. However, with her recent expansion in clients, along with Caroline’s unique gifts and ability to improve people’s lives, this business will flourish rapidly.”

Katherine M.
Whitefish Bay, WI

“Caroline is warm, authentic, and truly wants everyone to live life to their fullest. I have been to her group meditation sessions and to several individual Reiki session. I especially enjoy the Reiki as I feel like I learn something new about myself each time. Well worth to invest in yourself.”

Shari F.
Cedarburg, WI

“Caroline is a divine soul. She made me feel welcome, relaxed and at home for my first Reiki session experience. I experienced a sense of calmness; flood of love and release of emotions all at the same time. She brought clarity to my life’s path, reaffirmed my doubts and left me with a lasting smile in my heart from our talk. If you have never had a Reiki session or have had one already, I recommend a visit with Caroline, her inspirational words will move you towards your passion and purpose.”

Tanya V.
Manhattan, NY

“Caroline is truly a gift to the meditation and Reiki community. As someone who was completely uneducated and intimidated by the idea of Reiki and Meditation Caroline eased my worries almost instantly. I truly believe that we fear what we don’t understand-
Caroline is a gifted educator; helping each person she comes into contact with fully understanding sense of calm. After my first Reiki session with Caroline, the only word I could use to describe how I felt was “clear”. Her encouraging words, thoughtful advice, and, nurturing soul have helped me clearly see the path to the best version of myself. I cannot say enough about Caroline’s energy and beautiful heart- a visit to Satori324 will be one you will not soon forget.”

Ellie P.
Peoria, IL

“I have always had an adventurous spirit I must say, and a drive to indulge in new experiences with limited fear. Though I have encountered multiple people throughout my journeys, Caroline’s presence in my life is extremely unique. I graduated college a few months ago with a plan to leave in August for a year of service located at a village in Nepal. Though I am aware that my passion and calling consist of helping others, I had certain fears and doubts relating to what I was doing at the time. I went in to see Caroline for a reiki session, and left reassured that I was on the right path. Caroline uses her gifts to put things into perspective, while simultaneously igniting your own personal gifts. You can feel Caroline’s positive energy the second you walk into her studio. It is a safe place, a quiet place that allows one to reflect and engage in self discovery. Caroline offers a sense of acceptance that allows you to just be. Most importantly, she encourages you to stay on purpose. In January I will be leaving for a Peace Corps placement located in Ethiopia for 2.5 years. Though I am scared, I am at peace. “

Kaleigh  McAndrews

“I found Caroline’s space because she was kind enough to let my yoga teacher training group meet there, so I had spent hours and hours in the space without ever meeting Caroline. The energy in the space is very uplifting and welcoming, so I scheduled a Reiki session to go back. As a first timer for Reiki I didn’t know what to expect, but was absolutely blown away by the experience. Caroline is so intuitive and has a gift for moving the energy within. She is amazingly talented and uses many different sensory methods that create an unmatchable experience. Thank you Caroline for sharing your gifts.”

Jordan Peplinski
Yoga Instructor at Empower Yoga Milwaukee

Audio Testimonial
Jill Curran
Cedarburg, WI

“I first got introduced to Caroline at Solful Fitness and absolutely loved the Meditation + Reiki session we did at the end of Pilates. I later on visited her studio and did a guided heart meditation which was amazing and helped me center myself. We later chose to do the Discover Self Workshop because it was so interesting and introspective in nature. Caroline is such a positive person and she instills that in you. The fun part about the Discover self workshop was the Vision boards! You think about doing these in your spare time but that hardly ever happens, so I am glad we took the time to actually do it during this session.

I have to say, I love the studio space. It’s got the perfect lighting and coziness to make one feel comfortable yet aware at the same time. I look forward to many more fun activities and sessions! Highly recommend Satori324.”

Meghna Saikia Prasad
Sr Cost Analyst, Procurement Costing at Johnson Controls

“I took the Discovering Self Workshop with my Husband and we absolutely loved it. The class was thought provoking and allowed us to reach a new level of conversations. We love Caroline, and found her so supportive and encouraging. We look forward to taking the Discovering Self 2! I highly recommend anyone looking to do some self- improvement to take this class.”

Carly Kroll
PR and Marketing Manager for Ubimax

“I had the pleasure to have Caroline as a presenter twice at Silver Springs Wellness.   Caroline is a power house of knowledge, and is able to capture an audience easily with her grace and charm.  

She is a team player and is always looking to help others rise up into their own best and highest self.  I also had the pleasure of an individual session with Caroline.  She has a wonderful ability to connect with spirit and deliver.

Caroline has an eye for beauty and creative process in everything she touches.  She is an excellent motivator,  and helped me personally out of an intense transition of loss in my life.  I was a stranger to her, but quickly our missions crossed and aligned.  I am grateful for the ways our paths crossed.  I highly recommend her services as a wellness provider. Count yourself lucky if your paths cross and you find each other!”

Rachelle Guse
Operator at Silver Springs Wellness
Whitehall , WI

“Caroline Reese is the epitome of optimism.  Her energy, belief and understanding of Reiki and the power of healing is inspiring.  She is the type of person that when she walks into a room, she brings a sense of calm and positive energy.  She is unlike anyone I have ever met before…she is a true gift.”

Joey Vance
Marketing Consultant
WEAU Channel 13
Eau Claire, WI

“I had 2 amazing Reiki sessions with Caroline about 4 months apart.  Without knowing the details of what was going on in my life she keyed into a corresponding energy in my body. Based on the energy she felt, without verbalizing specifics, she intuitively guided me to see my own path and encouraged me to continue moving in that direction.

I left both sessions with vision and a feeling of peace and clarity (and a little bit blown away).”

Lori Pankratz
Owner –  Feisty Fit, A Fitness Fashion Boutique

“It is an incredible experience! She is amazing as a mediator for reiki and meditation. Caroline makes her classes fun and insightful. Makes you think about your life and your priorities. Took her Discovering Self Workshop which has given me the opportunity to truly reflect as to where I am in life and where I want to be. She is a strong, loving woman and mentor. Love her and will continue to have her as a catalyst in my life and journey.”

Deb Murphy
Real Estate Sales Executive

“I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Caroline as a warm, caring person, and as a business owner over the past two years. I’ve found her to be one of the most spiritually grounded and centered people that I’ve ever met, and one with great natural business acumen. She is clearly a people-person who emanates trust and caring  by word, value and deed. Over this same time, she has clarified her business purpose, finding joy in workshop facilitation of spiritual and personal awakening, renewal and openness. I am happy to recommend her services in reiki, spiritual awakening & wholistic self-care, and workshop facilitation.”

Dawn Garcia
Pursuit of Excellence LLC

“From the first time I met Caroline we had a spiritual connection.  She has a heart of gold.  Her willingness to help people is beyond measure.  Her healing abilities have a calming effect on the mind, body, spirit, and soul.”

Heather Maria
Heather Maria Photography

“Being with Caroline is a positive, uplifting experience.  She is highly motivated to insure others and assist them in positive empowerment.  I highly recommend her service.”

Lee Hilfiker 
Shamanic Practitioner
Sacred Way

“Kindness, comfort, compassion…Caroline opens up her beautiful energy and spirit and wraps it around you like a warm hug. She is a skilled Reiki master, artist and meditation guide and I am so grateful to have had the gift of working with her and to call her friend.”

Carleen A. Sterner MD 




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