I was chatting with my friend Paige about following your passion and how curiosity helps with discovering your passion and life purpose.

Written by my friend Paige Pichler, my fellow yogi and light worker.

When kids go off to college, they are asked to choose a major nearly within the first week. Some students have known since they were preteens what they wanted their path to look like, while others quietly check the “undecided” box. Even at 18, we feel the pressure to decide what we want to do forever and hope it brings us joy on the journey.

With so many resources available for following your passion, many feel lost when they don’t know what theirs is yet. Once we let go and give the universe free rein to bring us what we need, we can use our curiosity to guide us. Detaching from the outcome, instead of worrying what people think while we try different things, will create an authentic, purposeful existence.

When we release the attachment to outcome and let our curiosity guide us, while saying yes to the opportunities that come our way, we will be guided by our soul. Our soul knows the way to our passion, all we have to do remain stay open and radically trust. Rather than shoving ourselves into a box, we can flow from open door to open door and realize our passion through curiosity.

You are here for a reason and your soul knows it. Let the light within guide your curiosity and watch as your life fills with passion and purpose.

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