Our Story


Ivana (sister) Caroline (that’s me, the baby) Anna (oldest) Frank (brother)

Our parents Vincenzo and Melina are Italian immigrants from Calabria, Italy. Ivana and Anna were born in Sydney Australia. Parents decided to go to America and journey on a boat to America from Sydney and that is where Frank and I were born, in Brooklyn, New York.

  • I live in Shorewood Wisconsin, wife and mom of three.

  • Ivana resides in Staten Island, wife and mom of three.

  • Frank resides in Connecticut, father of one.

  • Mom lives in Brooklyn. Dad went home February 14th 2013.

  • Anna went home July 3, 2014.


“Please no more poking and probing. She hates that,” I tell the nurse. The big sister tells me not to worry. I know she is terrified. I can see it in those big brown eyes. The port goes in next week and the new journey begins.

I have no control. What do I do? My friend, my sister needs me. I can’t let her down. She never let me down. She needs me. I need her more.

And she hasn’t let me down because she is still with me and always will be.

She is with all of us.

Anna, you are like a balloon filled with breath and float around and watch over us. I have opened up as if the darkness that I have been in has evaporated. I have begun a journey of something that is still unfolding and I am allowing you and God to navigate and help me understand what this all means. I have begun to understand that I am just an observer on this journey and I must let go.

I have always felt I lived on an island all of my own trying so hard to figure things out and what my purpose was and how to be happy. The day you left the island broke into many islands with bridges to the main island. Learning and receiving gifts of wisdom and openness has made my heart open and my soul is revealing itself more and more. I have fallen in love. I love my soul. I love being with me. I am starting to allow my treasures to unfold and surface.

The signs you give me direct me on this journey and I am always so amazed how much I have been learning. You are my buzzing bee that unloads wisdom that gives me the light to move forward. You are my Sun, you help me see with clarity and give me the energy to be powerful, and feel love all over. You are my White Lotus, so beautiful, pure, and delicate. Teaching me that every day is my birthday. My daily birthday gifts are signs of spiritual awakening and faithfulness. You are spiritual perfection, the creation of the Almighty. You are my dandelion. You disperse seeds of clarity, growth, purity, and new beginnings and reveal things we cannot see.

Satori324 is a space we created together so others know that feelings of grief, heartache, sorrow, loneliness, and all feelings that overwhelm us at times are natural and part of the human experience and we have resources to help us on our individual journey.

Love, Blessings, and Light

Hugs, C.

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