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Welcome to our “Space”.

I am Caroline, that pretty brunette is Anna my sister, my friend, and my teacher.


August 6th 2014 I jumped on the “Space Journey.” I like to call it that; it sounds fun, and it is. With Anna’s guidance I have been learning how to surrender, and basically wake up.

I am feeling so blessed that I have achieved glimpses of Satori, which means enlightenment. I am ready to share my ride, and have you all come aboard and keep it going. Wake up world! We are in this “space” together and we all have gifts to share!

So Anna went “home” on July 3rd, 2014. It was heartbreaking,

I will save the details for a blog. Did I tell you it was really, sad? My heart was broken. What a mess…


Sharing what I wrote in a birthday card I gave to Anna in 1996. This will help you get an idea how special she is.

“My sister, my friend, my blood, I have never realized how wonderful it is to have a sister whom you can love not only because she is your sister by blood but also because she is your friend. I am so happy you are my sister but most of all I am delighted that I have found a true friend. What a gift to have a sister and a friend all in one. We have what they call family of soul and that in it-self is a great gift. A certain kind of connectedness due to coming from the same crop, and a mixture of sadness, happiness and all sorts of other emotions and feelings that only the family of soul can be able to acknowledge and grow from.

You have been a great support for me in the past year and it has not gone unappreciated. All I can say is I love you. And most of all thank you for loving me.

I wish all good things to come your way and I know they will-in time when you are ready to receive. I just know God’s plans are great ones for you.”

Don’t you love my last sentence?

2More About Anna, I call her “banana.”

Anna was very special and the best word to describe her would be “important” she was “important” to so many people. Anna was full of life, honesty, ambition and direction. She was a no nonsense caretaker.  Anna would do just about anything for anyone that she thought she might be able to help.  Anna had a generous heart and a warm loving spirit. She was a fighter and a survivor. A graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology her dreams were to create and design original pieces of her own.

Anna accepted everyone as her friend; never seeing color, race, or religion. She knew that if she felt connected with the spirit of the person she was meeting, then they would become her life long friend. Anna had big shoulders for her friends and family. She was a shoulder to lean on during relationship woes, always finding a way to laugh about it in the end.

Anna was fierce and loyal always but especially when you needed her the most. If Anna had your back, you were in very good hands. Until the very end she kept herself, so reliable, making people around her laugh, putting others first, to the end wishing nothing more than to be your very best.

Anna was determined to live as long as she could and she would fight as long as she could. Anna has taught me many lessons through her journey here on Earth and now from her new “home.”


I have many stories to share and people who I am so excited to introduce you all to that have come into my life because I have opened. People that are willing to share their gifts so we can begin to empower our selves by opening and receiving the gifts we all have that already exist in each and every one of us.

Love, Blessings, and Light,

Anna & Caroline




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