About Caroline

Caroline Reese is a transformational coach who uses her creativity and ability to connect people so that they can get closer to achieving their life purpose and live in a joyful loving way. She is a Reiki Master and a RTA Facilitator, (Renee Trudeau & Associates-Self Renewal Teachings & Tools for Everyday Life).

Caroline creates workshops that will primarily focus on understanding and accepting the concept of personal responsibility. Caroline conducts PRG’s (personal renewal groups) for women to aid in developing a deeper awareness of self by learning about self- care. She is very committed to empower and inspire women to express their potential and to reconnect with who they are. Through sharing her experiences and her journey she is able to empower others to look into a deeper part of themselves and reap the benefits of connection and strength with oneself.

A little more personal:

Caroline is a wife and a mom of three children and lives in Wisconsin. She loves her family and feels blessed everyday that she is with them. July 3, 2014 Caroline’s best friend, her sister Anna went home.  Caroline’s journey has been guided by her angel Anna and Caroline lives everyday feeling grateful for all she has and who she meets.