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Satori324 was created to encourage people to go deeper inside.

My wish for everyone is to feel how powerful we are, individually and collectively.

Empower Self, Empower Others.


My name is Caroline. I am a certified Jack Canfield transformational coach and I love using my creativity to connect people so that they can get closer to achieving their life purpose and live in a joyful loving way. I am a Reiki Master, RTA Facilitator, (Renee Trudeau & Associates-Self Renewal Teachings & Tools for Everyday Life) and a guided meditation facilitator. I have my Masters Degree in Communications from Marquette University. Studying and learning how information is processed and how we communicate is so interesting to me. I consider myself a student in this life. I love learning and empowering myself with information to help myself continue to grow and then share it with others. Some people like to call me a spiritual teacher or healer and that is cool too.


I  create workshops that will primarily focus on understanding and accepting the concept of personal responsibility. I launched Discover Self Workshops to aid in developing a deeper awareness of self by learning about self-care. I am committed to empower and inspire both women and men to express their potential and to reconnect with who they are. I love sharing my stories with people and as human beings we are always growing, developing, learning, changing, and evolving sometimes into something we never ever would have thought. I am the perfect example of that. I never would have believed I would be a Reiki Master and into all the wellness therapies that I am involved in.


It was on  July 3rd, 2014 when my best friend, my sister Anna went home. Anna had stage 4 colon cancer and she fought like a warrior. My journey has been guided by my angel Anna and I live everyday feeling grateful for my husband, my three children, and who ever is in my life, we are all connected. For more about my story with Anna, look here.


It was only 35 days after Anna went home that I “woke up” and knew that life is about staying open to receive the gifts that we already have within us and not about how we can hide from what makes us uncomfortable or pretend we are happy just so others in our lives will be okay. Our lives involve self care and the most important self care we can do is to LOVE who we are. How can we love who we are if we are pretending? It is time to go deep within and ask the question, what brings me joy? Sometimes we don’t even know and that is okay. I didn’t know what I wanted or what truly made me happy until Anna left this world. I was brought to my knees and I could have stayed down but it was the blessing I received on August 6th in Chetek Wisconsin at a place called Canoe Bay that changed my life.

Photos taken with my phone, grateful for this time on the Lake.

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Reiki Benefits

Physical Benefits
• Creates deep relaxation and aids in relieving stress and tension.
• Gives you a high level of energy
• Helps you sleep better and more deeply
• Reduces blood pressure
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